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My Cute Ponies

My cute ponies: Clue, Spot, and Sadie. Do you even have to ask how they’re cute?

The Third Hip at Conception

Well, here it is. I can’t remember for sure now, but I believe this photo was actually taken a week or two after conception. See the unblemished middle there? That’s the third hip. Cute.

Photo Worthy Bruises (AKA My Third Hip)

Being a HorseGirl means having lots of bruises. Half the time when I change clothes, I look at my legs and think, “Huh. Did I have that bruise yesterday?” or I spend several minutes cataloging my day’s activities to see if I can pinpoint what exactly might have caused that one (like the new bruise [...]

The Horse and I Go for a Spin

beforethe rustle became a roar,there were 4 feet firmly planted.The horse statuesque,coiled to spring,Panic fluttering like careless leaves. the spring unleashesenergy roaring through muscle.grey whirling dervish dancing,edging along the ridgeof sanity,firm ground becomes firmament. 2 feet firmly plantas 4 go flyingand the body leaves the mindbehind

Welcome to the Illustrious Falling-Off Club!

One of the worst things about horses (aside from snot on every clean shirt you ever owned, innumerable bruises you don’t remember having gotten, and scabs you’re obligated to pick whether you want to or not because if you don’t they’ll turn into proud flesh [my husband does not believe this. He thinks I just [...]


Blink and it’s there again…the grotesque horrorthe tortured panic.Close your eyes but it won’tBlink away. All power and panic,the horse pummels the ground:Escaped. Free.But he slidesand plummetsand pounds and pounds and poundsuntil he flails himself upright. Blink your relief, only to open to the macabre horrorof maimed beauty.Fragmented foreleg flappinglike laundryon the line. After, waiting [...]

Hee hee!

I got comments! I got comments! Woohoo! And they made me giggle. Well, not the one about pushing my husband over to the dark side… but I don’t think he reads this so hopefully I’m safe, seeing as how he does like to push boundaries.