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Sad feet/Happy feet

For a week, I’ve been staring at these: These feet make me sad.  They also make me not want to make the new pony work very hard, because really:  Who wants to run around in clown shoes?   The only good thing about these feet is that they illustrate what happens to horses’ hooves when [...]

Tractors and Wheelchairs and Basketballs, Oh My!

Today was the second time I worked with the new pony since her arrival on Tuesday.  I know… I had better intentions, but I’ve been busy with things like defending my thesis, editing and printing my thesis, playing in the MFA Softball Showdown (we won!), attending one last (sniff) party with my fellow MFA’ers.  And [...]

She’s Here!

The new pony arrived today.  She hauled like a pro and, after a little uncertain scrambling, hopped out of the trailer like it was no big deal.  I thought maybe she’d be nervous.  I thought maybe she’d whinny at the other horses.  I thought maybe she’d run around and buck. Here’s a 10 second sample [...]

Grassroots Green Pony Project

At Sienna Ranch, we like for every horse to have a job.  That means that almost every horse at the ranch is part of either the lesson programs or the Horse Experience program (often both). But that was a little bit of a challenge for me when I started thinking about getting a new horse [...]

Pony Addiction

I have a problem: Sweet mare needs a home, Moscow Dreaming, $500, Mare, Chestnut, star and hind socks, Age: 3, 15.2H, 900 lbs, Jockey Club, Foaled: 2006, Beautiful and sweet! Dreamy needs a home. She is off the track and is looking for someone to love her and bring her along. She is out in [...]

Technology is Hard

I have just spent all morning on this silly blog… trying to make it look how I want it to look.  It’s getting better, but geez.  The amount of time this has taken for a few tiny changes is enormous.  I should have been riding or writing instead, that’s what I think. Just to make [...]

Let’s take a ride.

I’ve always thought a horse who can dabble in multiple disciplines is a more fun horse to have.  Go for a trail ride?  sure!  Do Dressage?  of course!  Jump some stuff?  hooray!  Go swimming?  OK!  Play polocrosse?  alright!  Because, as cool (and important) as schooling and working in the arena is, sometimes it’s nice to [...]