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Pony Addiction

I have a problem:

Sweet mare needs a home, Moscow Dreaming, $500, Mare, Chestnut, star and hind socks, Age: 3, 15.2H, 900 lbs, Jockey Club, Foaled: 2006, Beautiful and sweet! Dreamy needs a home. She is off the track and is looking for someone to love her and bring her along. She is out in pasture and gets along with everyone and is sweet and easy to be around. Contact for more information/pictures, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 123444, Galt, CA, Submitted On: 04/26

I am completely aware that I don’t need another horse.  For awhile I wasn’t sure I even wanted another horse.  But who was I really kidding?  Of course I want another horse!

It’s just very not logical.  Except the other horse is Sadie’s half sister.  She looks a lot like Sadie.  She acts a lot like Sadie.  Sadie is a really fabulous horse.  As in, she’s exactly the horse I wanted and needed.  (I realize already having the perfect horse kind of proves I don’t need another one).  But…

But!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought and said that  I would love to have another Sadie.  And while I know that every horse is different and that they all have unique personalities, I also know that certain kinds of traits run in families.  Case in point:  my brother and I are both really stubborn and really picky eaters (aren’t we fun?).

I’m betting on this whole genetics idea, because Sadie’s sister is young (just turned 4) and very green.  She spent some time at the track (as a 2 year old), but she never raced.  She got injured (fractured sesamoid) and had to heal for a year.  Since then she’s barely been ridden.  Meaning I haven’t been able to ride her yet to try her out.  I just worked with her on the ground.  She’s really sweet and friendly, just like Sadie.  She’s on the little side (15.2), just like Sadie. She does the spook-and-stand (much preferable to the spook-and-run), just like Sadie.  She pins her ears at wayward small furry creatures, just like Sadie does. She bucks and kicks just like Sadie does.

Here's Sadie: head turned left, left leg forward... Now look at the new pony's picture again: head turned left, left leg forward... just like Sadie

You see how I was convinced.  Oops.  Did I say was?

Yeah, I did.  My problem is about to get bigger.  As in, another horse bigger.  Because on Tuesday, my new pony shows up.

Have I mentioned I have a really tolerant husband?

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