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Lindy’s Second Ride

The other day (Lindy’s birthday, actually), I decided to get on Lindy for a second time. I wasn’t sure I was going to get on her at first. She was fidgety while I was grooming her and just seemed like she was just feeling a little silly. But then I roundpenned her and she was [...]

Pony Ride! (Part 2)

Here’s what it actually looks like when I pony Lindy…

Spa Day

I reluctantly decided today (somewhere during the two hours it took me between when I decided to leave for the barn and when I actually made it to the truck…  somewhere between feeding, changing, bathing, changing, feeding The Kid while trying to print and read and map the new 2011 dressage tests and fill out [...]

First Ride!

Lindy’s first ride (<– link to the video) Here it is in all it’s glory!  The video of my first ride on Lindy… Today I had my support crew (although as you’ll hear in the video, The Kid wasn’t super happy about being there).  The weather was clear and calm.  The ranch was deserted.  Lindy [...]

Today Would Have Been a Good Day…

…to ride Lindy.  She was calm while I groomed her.  She was mostly calm except for a few wild woman head tosses when I round penned her (and that was just because the side rein buckle and the stirrup were clinking together.  It was kind of legitimate).  She had moments of being soft and round [...]

Jump for Joy

Yesterday the oak-studded hills that surround our arena were vibrant with spring grass, orange California poppies, and the almost-florescent green of just-unfurled oak leaves.  There was sun.  There was a cool breeze.  I had baby-watchers at the ready.  How could I not ride?  And when I got up to the arena and there were two [...]

Things I Hate About Horses (a list)

1.  Mud 2.  Ticks 3.  Flies 4.  Dust I’m pretty sure that’s it.  

Pony Ride! (Part 1)

OK, so the title of this post is a little misleading.  No, I haven’t ridden Lindy yet.  That’s still officially scheduled for her birthday (4/24) and unofficially scheduled for this Thursday (4/14)… but shhhhh!  That’s a secret. Anyway, one of the little training techniques I really love is Ponying.  I first discovered ponying when I [...]


The date upon which I have decided to finally sit on Lindy’s back is rapidly approaching.  As in, it’s only two weeks away.  Accordingly, I’ve been working with Lindy more often and checking to make sure all systems are go.  This week, the test I decided on was throwing my leg over Lindy’s back to [...]

Horse Videos Worth Watching

I’m amazed by the things horses do for their riders.  I love it even more when it’s obvious the horse is enjoying her job.  Here’s an example, a dressage freestyle: And then there’s this (which is probably the closest I’ll ever get to riding over the cross-country course at Rolex Kentucky): (you can learn more [...]