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Birthday parties

One thing that happens at our ranch is birthday parties.  What that means is that a bunch of excited kids who aren’t used to the ranch and the animals show up and while they have a whole bunch of fun, they also expose the horses to screaming, shrieking, running hordes. This is a good thing, [...]

Barn Dog vs. Barn Cats

Here’s where I found Roxy sleeping the other day.   That’s funny, I thought.  She must be worried I’m going to leave without her (that’s my truck parked there).  But then I turned around to get my boots and saw this… Barn Cats: 1 Barn Dog: 0

Lindy’s Fifth Ride/First Trot

The second I saw Lindy trot while I roundpenned her, I knew today was going to be a good day.  Normally, she mostly rushes around at the trot with moments here and there of a “real” trot when I half-halt her using body language.  But today she started off with a nice tempo, in a [...]

Oh Darn

I have very mixed feelings about the sport of horse racing.  I love watching the horses race when it’s clear that their hearts are in it.  Every time I see horses galloping around a track my heart rate goes up.  If I’m actually at the race track and have placed my standard $2 bet, by [...]

Horse Law #117

117.  If your horse is shedding or covered in dried mud, the wind will be blowing. Corollary:  The wind will always blow in the direction of your face, regardless of where you are standing. Corollary:  If your horse is shedding or covered in dried mud, you will be wearing polar fleece or lip balm. Corollary:  Your dryer’s [...]

An Amazing Save

Here’s a great example (from Badminton) of what a focused and tenacious horse and rider can do: I love eventers! (and thanks to Behind the Bit– that’s where I first saw this clip)

Horse Math

I will admit it: I do not enjoy math. I do not use much math in my daily life, and when I do, I try to use a calculator or a spreadsheet to do the sums for me. The day I learned that for some people (the person in question being Robert, the stereotypical “nerd” [...]

If I Had Known

I wish I had known as a kid that it was OK to be scared and nervous. That these feelings were valid. But I was a know-it-all kid and that meant I couldn’t admit weakness. As an adult, I have been known to say “I’m scared” or “this feels too fast!” in the middle of [...]

Hard Core

Here’s the thing about HorseGirls: they’re tough. They ride in the rain. They come out to the barn when it’s muddy. When there’s frost. When it’s 100 degrees and there’s flies and dust. HorseGirls pick ticks off the horses they love (and sometimes themselves). They pick scabs and scrub proud flesh until it bleeds because [...]

Lindy’s Fourth Ride

We had our best ride yet.  By “Best” I mean: 1a.  We made it around the round pen in both directions several times. 1b.  The Kid didn’t even cry!  Maybe I should have told him sooner that Lindy might be his very own pony some day.  Or maybe I should have figured out sooner that [...]