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Lindy’s Third Ride…

…almost didn’t happen.  I was sorely tempted on Thursday to just hop on, but I was alone.  I know it’s never really a good idea to ride when no one else is around, but sometimes that’s the only way I get to ride.  Still, on a super-green horse like Lindy, it’s an even worse idea.  And while I rode her for the second time in lonely circumstances, the effect it had on my bravery was worth noting and not repeating.  So logic or self-preservation prevailed.

In my frustration at not being able to ride when the opportunity presented itself and when Lindy seemed more than ready, I conned my husband into stopping by after work on Friday to hold The Kid and watch me ride.  By “conned” what I really mean is I cleaned out the drain of his clogged bathroom sink and complained about how gross it was and said he could repay me by a.) plying me with sugar in the form of extra chocolate-y desserts or b.) performing a similarly disgusting task or c.) helping me achieve my wildest dreams by providing assistance while I train Lindy.  I feel very lucky to have such a tolerant husband.  I mean, he really, truly is afraid of horses.  He claims the only horse he liked was Spot (he has good taste), and he refuses to bestow this honor on any of the others (he is very loyal).  It might also have something to do with the fact that he never saw me fall off Spot.

In any case, he agreed to spend his Friday evening as my emergency backup system.  But Friday turned out to be cold (60 degrees versus 90 degrees the day before).  And seriously windy.  Never a good combination where horses are concerned.  Especially young, inexperienced, underworked horses who fidget and whinny back to the herd and look around at everything (legitimate things like the lambs being lured in from their pasture with a bucket of grain…  but still…).  Undetered (or stubborn, or optimistic), I groomed and saddled and roundpenned Lindy just like I always do.

Once Lindy could see her herd up on the hillside, she settled right into work.  She was focused and relaxed.  So I got on.  I think we doubled or possibly even tripled our ride time over our first stint (not too hard to do when it was only 2 minutes).  We cruised the roundpen several times, although it took a couple circuits to actually get Lindy on the rail.  She actually seemed to start to understand the idea of moving away from my inside leg (!) and into the outside rein.  She’s still pretty sluggish off the forward aids, and as noodle-y as can be, but I’m hoping in a couple more rides I’ll be able to get her trotting.  Too bad there aren’t any more clogged sinks around here…

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