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Lindy’s First Canter!

I’ve been a bit worried about cantering Lindy.  Sometimes she is just so uncoordinated and unbalanced at the trot that cantering seems like it might be potential suicide.  But she’s been understanding lateral flexion.  She’s been spiraling in and out on a circle.  She has a very rudimentary idea of half halting.  All these things [...]

Why I Love Eventing

At the horse trial this past weekend, I was reminded of one of the things I love about eventers:  everyone roots for each other and is genuinely happy to see others have success. Even the people we’re competing against. When you’re at a horse trial, competitors turn out to watch their friends ride.  Everyone claps [...]

Horse Trial Successes

1.  Sadie, Roxy, The Kid, and I all got to the show grounds safely and with all the necessary equipment, arriving exactly at the same time as GrammiSue:                   2.  We schooled cross-country on Friday and despite the heat (mid-high 90′s), a few wacky leaps and hard [...]

Horses in the Blood

I always thought my love of horses came from my grandma on my mom’s side, but my dad recently found this picture of my great-grandfather.                     I guess this just proves there was no hope for me.  And maybe there’s no hope for The Kid either:

Lateral Flexion, Bend and Counter-bend

Lindy is working on some kind of big-girl stuff this week.  Because apparently going to a show with Sadie is making me focus on Lindy a little more too.  This is partly because I’ve had a little more time to devote to the horses between waiting for the editor to send the novel back and [...]

So much tack!

Times like these I wonder why I have so many saddles…  And why they’re all in desperate need of cleaning and conditioning…

Ride Right!

That’s what you would have overheard me telling myself tonight if you’d been standing at the arena fence.  Tonight “ride right” meant: 1.  Wait for the fence. 2.  Keep Sadie in a steady rhythm. 3.  Wait for the fence. 4.  WAIT! 5.  While waiting, focus on keeping one’s heels down. 6.  While waiting, remember to [...]

Accident prone

Horses are accident prone.  This was something I really didn’t understand until I had a horse of my own.  Horses always seemed so strong… but over the years I’ve learned that if there is something to get injured on, a horse will find it.   Thoroughbreds might be the worst.  And Sadie might be the queen. [...]

Jobs for Horses

Clue is a horse who needs a job.  Any job.  Last summer, he started dropping weight so I gave him time off.  He got skinnier and started eating less.  I put him in a paddock by himself so I could free feed him and he could eat all day without the resident vacuum (Shadow) getting [...]

Getting Official

Our arena has dressage letters!   And it only took the help of eight people to make the dream come true (and yes, I do dream about such things). All of us riding instructors at the ranch have noticed that it’s tough for many of our students to tell left from right.  I have noticed [...]