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August 2011
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Horse Trial Successes

1.  Sadie, Roxy, The Kid, and I all got to the show grounds safely and with all the necessary equipment, arriving exactly at the same time as GrammiSue:










2.  We schooled cross-country on Friday and despite the heat (mid-high 90′s), a few wacky leaps and hard looks (including Sadie full on stopping to spook at logs in the rough alongside the gallop track, logs very much like the ones we’d just been jumping), we had a fun time.

3.  I was relieved that I decided not to do Beginner Novice, not to bring Lindy after all, and not to braid.  The weekend was almost stress-free!  (yes, braiding sucks that much)

4.  Sadie was super relaxed at the show, and we had one of our nicest dressage rounds ever.

photo by PapaNeil









5.  We had one of our most focused cross-country rounds ever:  no spooking at jump judges (even when one stood up), a distinct eagerness to enter the water (aided by a 3:13 ride time during 98 degree weather), only one over-exuberant leap.

6.  We visited and hung out with old friends and made some new ones, all of whom helped make the weekend easier.  My friend Mariah especially, since she took care of all my stable chores on Saturday and fed Sadie each morning.

7.  We brought home a 3rd place ribbon and, even better, a new GREEN brush tote.  Now Clue can have a pretty green one with dividers instead of a drab gray one with no dividers (that one is going to be the first-aid supply tote now).

my friend/former instructor who came to watch! and our fancy new brush box!


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