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This week at the ranch has been plague week.  Witness: hundreds (I’m not kidding) of yellow jackets drinking from the water fountain and hoses swarms of ants searching for water in my grain buckets, in my water bottle in my truck…. who knows how many flies driving the horses crazy (their stomping sounded like a [...]

Wild Pony Upside

For the last year, I’ve been watching Lindy trot around at liberty and wondering what I have done by bringing home this horse who moves like a sewing machine needle when she gets excited– her legs going up and down faster and faster and faster. Meanwhile, there would be Sadie, doing a lovely, floaty, balanced [...]

Trail(er) Pony!

This past weekend, Lindy made her road-trip debut. Which is to say, I put her in the horse trailer for the first time since I brought her home a little over a year ago.  But what made Sunday special was that after she got in the trailer, we headed over to my friend Mariah’s house [...]

Git In My Trailer!

I have been lucky in that I have never owned a horse who had a serious loading problem.  But I did once bring home a horse on trial who had a trailering issue.  As in, the day I went to pick her up to bring her home, it took over an hour of several cowboys [...]

Two Point Song!

Because singing a song is helpful while riding for so many reasons, but in this case, it’s to help remember what you should do when you get up into two-point. Lyrics by Ava…  melody to be determined… suggestions welcome! Shorten your reins, don’t be a pain! Stand up tall, so you won’t fall. Push your [...]

Trail Pony

It’s official:  Lindy has proved her trail worthiness. I finally got around to actually riding Lindy out on the trail, instead of just ponying her.  Although I love the two birds/one stone aspect of ponying, especially since I believe it really set Lindy up for a successful first ride, there is definitely a difference between [...]

Lindy’s Lesson Pony Debut!

It was a smashing success, if I do say so myself.  Lindy got to practice spiraling in and spiraling out on the circle, almost-walking (aka half-halts for babies), and walking and trotting over painted poles (and two poles in a row).  She was absolutely willing and happy and mellow (granted she did get worked yesterday [...]

Action Items

The horse trial  reaffirmed some things Sadie and I still need to work on.  The biggest two issues are focus and speed. Focus:  After a 3 year showing hiatus, it was clear that we’d lost some of the ground we’d gained in this department.  I remember the days when Sadie spooked at jump judges out [...]