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February 2012
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War Horse (the book) Review!

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I have read the book (which is the proper order to do things in anyway).  You can read my review of it at Horse Nation by clicking HERE.


Sometimes people tell me they think I am very patient.  This used to surprise me because I don’t think of myself as a patient person.  I have a hard time waiting for the things I want (then again, who doesn’t?).  But it turns out that I don’t mind explaining, and re-explaining, and re-explaining something if [...]

I Heart the Hearts of Horses! (new book review)

This week’s book review (of  The Hearts of Horses by Molly Gloss) is up at Horse Nation.  You can read it by clicking HERE!

Bell Boot Battle Royale

You can find my rant about bell boots over here on Horse Nation. Because doesn’t everyone hate bell boots as much as me? Except for these.  These are the only bell boots I’ve ever loved: I just wish they came in green, darn it.

Big Girl Pants

Lindy wore the big girl pants the other weekend. sort of. She got in the trailer in less than 5 attempts on the way to the trail ride and on the second attempt on the way home. She was calm upon unloading at the Bear Creek Rd. Staging area of Briones Regional Park.  She happily [...]

It’s Book Review Wednesday!

I have a thing for Horse Encyclopedias.  And this might just be my favorite one ever! You can read my review  for Horse Nation HERE!  

Oh Look! I’m a Book Critic!

I have a weekly horsey book review column on Horse Nation (which is a pretty entertaining website even without my help). Here’s my first one about the novel Horseplay. Look for a new review each Wednesday.