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I Like the Pictures Too (a book review)

Here’s my full review of a cute book for the younger set:  Shadow, the Curious Morgan Horse.  Even though this book is really intended for 6-8 year olds, The Kid (who is almost 15 months old) yells his head off and frantically points at this book whenever he sees it because he LOVES the pictures. [...]

Ride the Horse You Have

When I mount up to ride, I pretty much always have a plan or a goal in mind.  As in, I’m going to work on leg yielding today.  Or, I’m going to force myself to practice posting trot with no stirrups.  Or, I’m going to do a lot of suppling exercises.  In fact, I’m so [...]

Riding Lessons: we all need ‘em, Sara Gruen writes about ‘em

I got a little behind on posting my book reviews.  Here’s the one from the Wednesday before last, in all it’s glory.  It’s about Riding Lessons: A Novel, which was the first novel by Sara Gruen (of Water for Elephants fame).

My Favorite Mistake

I’ve been busy reading and writing book reviews! Here’s the latest one on Horse Nation, about Georgina Bloomberg’s just-released YA Novel, the second in her series, My Favorite Mistake: An A Circuit Novel (Circuit Novels).  I’m still trying to figure out why that’s the title!

Why No Kid Should Read the Red Pony

To read my review on Horse Nation, click HERE! (also, be warned, there’s a major spoiler in the review)