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Horseback(wards) riding

I needed a new picture to go with my HorseNation Wednesday book reviews, so here it is:  While I wouldn’t really advocate riding and reading, Sadie did make a surprisingly comfy reading pillow.

Blaze of Glory is Vampire Hot

I just finished reading Blaze of Glory by M. Garzon.  You can check out her author’s website HERE.  And you can read my full review over at HorseNation HERE. The book is marketed as YA, but I think anyone who enjoys the Romance genre (and PONIES!!) will like it– the horse stuff (focusing mostly on [...]

A Horse Worth Knowing About

I just finished reading The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation and Snowman has joined the list of horses I wish I’d known in person.  You can read my full book review for here.  I’m pretty sure if you loved Seabiscuit, you’ll love Snowman too.

True Grit: it’s what HorseGirls are made of

Last week, I reviewed one of my favorite books for Horse Nation.  You can read my full review HERE. Basically, Mattie, the main character and narrator is the epitome of a HorseGirl:  smart, witty, brazen, tough…  And the book is great (the Coen Brothers’ movie version ain’t so bad either, but I believe in doing [...]

Wake of Forgiveness

I stumbled across the book Wake of Forgiveness the other day.  If you’re a fan of Cormac McCarthy, Bruce Machart might just be his heir apparent. I admit, the cover is what grabbed my attention. But then I read the book, and it turns out the cover isn’t the only interesting thing about it.   [...]