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This week at the ranch has been plague week.  Witness: hundreds (I’m not kidding) of yellow jackets drinking from the water fountain and hoses swarms of ants searching for water in my grain buckets, in my water bottle in my truck…. who knows how many flies driving the horses crazy (their stomping sounded like a [...]

Git In My Trailer!

I have been lucky in that I have never owned a horse who had a serious loading problem.  But I did once bring home a horse on trial who had a trailering issue.  As in, the day I went to pick her up to bring her home, it took over an hour of several cowboys [...]

Oh Darn

I have very mixed feelings about the sport of horse racing.  I love watching the horses race when it’s clear that their hearts are in it.  Every time I see horses galloping around a track my heart rate goes up.  If I’m actually at the race track and have placed my standard $2 bet, by [...]

Horse Law #117

117.  If your horse is shedding or covered in dried mud, the wind will be blowing. Corollary:  The wind will always blow in the direction of your face, regardless of where you are standing. Corollary:  If your horse is shedding or covered in dried mud, you will be wearing polar fleece or lip balm. Corollary:  Your dryer’s [...]

Things I Hate About Horses (a list)

1.  Mud 2.  Ticks 3.  Flies 4.  Dust I’m pretty sure that’s it.  

Nine Weeks

Nine weeks of no riding at all is the longest I’ve ever gone without getting on a horse since I was twelve.  It felt even longer because the last few times I rode, I was nine months pregnant.  The very last time was just days before The Baby was born.  He was late and I [...]

Technology is Hard

I have just spent all morning on this silly blog… trying to make it look how I want it to look.  It’s getting better, but geez.  The amount of time this has taken for a few tiny changes is enormous.  I should have been riding or writing instead, that’s what I think. Just to make [...]