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A Horse Worth Knowing About

I just finished reading The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation and Snowman has joined the list of horses I wish I’d known in person.  You can read my full book review for here.  I’m pretty sure if you loved Seabiscuit, you’ll love Snowman too.

Why I Love Eventing

At the horse trial this past weekend, I was reminded of one of the things I love about eventers:  everyone roots for each other and is genuinely happy to see others have success. Even the people we’re competing against. When you’re at a horse trial, competitors turn out to watch their friends ride.  Everyone claps [...]

Horse Trial Successes

1.  Sadie, Roxy, The Kid, and I all got to the show grounds safely and with all the necessary equipment, arriving exactly at the same time as GrammiSue:                   2.  We schooled cross-country on Friday and despite the heat (mid-high 90′s), a few wacky leaps and hard [...]

It’s in the Mail

The entry to the schooling horse trial is in the mail, The Kid‘s babysitters are lined up, new jump poles have been purchased, and the gallop track (350 meters and 450 meters) is measured! Upon the (good) advice of my horse friends, I entered the easy division.  It’s a little hard to be showing at [...]

Gearing UP

My grandma told me that writing a goal down makes you more likely to reach that goal.  So here we go.  I just sent the novel off to the editor (wheee!  here’s hoping it’s really done this time!) and now I feel free to think about my horse goals…  and I’m making plans to go [...]

Birthday parties

One thing that happens at our ranch is birthday parties.  What that means is that a bunch of excited kids who aren’t used to the ranch and the animals show up and while they have a whole bunch of fun, they also expose the horses to screaming, shrieking, running hordes. This is a good thing, [...]

Oh Darn

I have very mixed feelings about the sport of horse racing.  I love watching the horses race when it’s clear that their hearts are in it.  Every time I see horses galloping around a track my heart rate goes up.  If I’m actually at the race track and have placed my standard $2 bet, by [...]

Hard Core

Here’s the thing about HorseGirls: they’re tough. They ride in the rain. They come out to the barn when it’s muddy. When there’s frost. When it’s 100 degrees and there’s flies and dust. HorseGirls pick ticks off the horses they love (and sometimes themselves). They pick scabs and scrub proud flesh until it bleeds because [...]

Horse Videos Worth Watching

I’m amazed by the things horses do for their riders.  I love it even more when it’s obvious the horse is enjoying her job.  Here’s an example, a dressage freestyle: And then there’s this (which is probably the closest I’ll ever get to riding over the cross-country course at Rolex Kentucky): (you can learn more [...]

Nine Weeks

Nine weeks of no riding at all is the longest I’ve ever gone without getting on a horse since I was twelve.  It felt even longer because the last few times I rode, I was nine months pregnant.  The very last time was just days before The Baby was born.  He was late and I [...]