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Accident prone

Horses are accident prone.  This was something I really didn’t understand until I had a horse of my own.  Horses always seemed so strong… but over the years I’ve learned that if there is something to get injured on, a horse will find it.   Thoroughbreds might be the worst.  And Sadie might be the queen. [...]

Oh Darn

I have very mixed feelings about the sport of horse racing.  I love watching the horses race when it’s clear that their hearts are in it.  Every time I see horses galloping around a track my heart rate goes up.  If I’m actually at the race track and have placed my standard $2 bet, by [...]

If I Had Known

I wish I had known as a kid that it was OK to be scared and nervous. That these feelings were valid. But I was a know-it-all kid and that meant I couldn’t admit weakness. As an adult, I have been known to say “I’m scared” or “this feels too fast!” in the middle of [...]

Hard Core

Here’s the thing about HorseGirls: they’re tough. They ride in the rain. They come out to the barn when it’s muddy. When there’s frost. When it’s 100 degrees and there’s flies and dust. HorseGirls pick ticks off the horses they love (and sometimes themselves). They pick scabs and scrub proud flesh until it bleeds because [...]


The date upon which I have decided to finally sit on Lindy’s back is rapidly approaching.  As in, it’s only two weeks away.  Accordingly, I’ve been working with Lindy more often and checking to make sure all systems are go.  This week, the test I decided on was throwing my leg over Lindy’s back to [...]

The Third Hip at Conception

Well, here it is. I can’t remember for sure now, but I believe this photo was actually taken a week or two after conception. See the unblemished middle there? That’s the third hip. Cute.