Lesson Philosophy:

I strongly believe in teaching my students how to safely, effectively, and clearly communicate with their horses in the saddle and on the ground, and to take responsibility for the horses they ride, treating them with kindness, consideration, and respect.

To that end, lessons include instruction on grooming, tacking-up, and horse care and management, in addition to dressage, jumping, and natural horsemanship principles.


In the saddle, students focus on developing balance and using their weight ("seat") to communicate with the horse. Students use the escalation of aids to obtain the softest response from their horse with the least amount of pressure. My goal is for all my students to gain a solid foundation of skills that will transfer to any kind of riding they wish to pursue.


Riding Lesson Policies and Prices:

A properly fitted SEI or ASTM approved helmet and appropriate riding boots must be worn during all lessons. Lessons must be paid for by the time of service. 24-hour cancellation is required or lesson will be billed at regular rates. Lessons are held rain or shine. If weather is extreme, the entire lesson may be conducted un-mounted or the lesson may be cancelled by the instructor.

Questions? Feel free to call me at (925) 285-8817.

6-week Horse Academy (4 students max): $200 per student

Child Lead-line Lesson: $40

Private Lesson: $50

Group Lesson (2-4 students): $40 per student


Erin L. McCabe Riding Instruction